The Australian Cricketers Association makes it mandatory for cricket players to only use Accredited Agents. Marty and Zach are not only qualified Accredited Agents, they are also highly accomplished in this area. Contract negotiation can be a lengthy yet delicate process and we pride ourselves on not only knowing market value but knowing the needs our players. You can be assured we will work relentlessly to achieve the desired outcome. How your agent best represents you in the market place is important, you can be confident that i50 has been at the forefront of long term contract negotiations and creating extra opportunities for our players to further their careers in cricket. We put you first and work to achieve the right outcome for you and your career.



Tax time can be a stressful time for an athlete, and it’s made even more difficult with the lack of industry knowledge made available. That’s why i50 has its very own in house tax agent and financial planner to maximise our athletes earning potential. We are across every aspect of our client’s financial requirements to ensure that we look to create a wealth network that should see the client benefit from receiving the right advice well beyond their planning career. We also offer an independent Buyers Advocacy to assist with housing purchases and investment opportunities – Australia wide.


With the current media landscape evolving faster than ever, i50 is at the forefront of these growing trends to ensure that our clients are not only protected, but educated on the current demands of the media space. Playing cricket goes hand in hand with being thrown into the media spotlight and i50 has extensive media experience and has access to all current media platforms to ensure that our clients are given the best opportunity to grow their brand. We have successfully negotiated marketing contracts with brands such as KIA, Adidas, Nike, Asics, NAB, Jeep and the Fosters Group to name a few as well as Television Network contracts with Foxtel, Fox Footy, ABC and Channel Nine respectively.


Moving into the world of professional sport can be an overwhelming experience, we get it – we have been in the same position. We offer a range of services in conjunction with the Australian Cricketers Association to ensure your wellbeing is our number one priority. All dealings are conducted in the strictest confidence to ensure that your welfare is taken care of.

Helping you to be a well-rounded cricketer is something we pride ourselves on. If you are lucky enough to have a 10 year career, we see that as a great head start in life – but you will still need to work for another 30 years. We strongly encourage you to educate yourself while playing cricket and take advantage of all the opportunities that will present themselves. i50 will help you gain that life balance between on-field and off-field.


A professional cricketer’s career can come to a halt at almost any point that’s why it’s important to look to the future and start planning for life after cricket. Along with making your transition into professional sport smooth, we also place a high emphasis on your transition out of the game. Whether it is into a profession, uni studies, media or coaching we will ensure that you are best prepared to tackle the next phase in your life.